To remove the table & saddle, the first thing we have to do is take the three screws out of the Saddle Screw Bearing.  After doing this, you will be able to unscrew the whole assembly right out of the saddle screw nut.

Here are two views of the cross feed screw assembly.  Take note that the thrust bearings have one side that spins and one side that doesn't.  Make sure you put the side that spins against the Saddle Screw Bearing.


The only other thing holding the table & saddle on is the Saddle Screw Nut.  (It's actually more like a threaded assembly than a nut.) Take note that it is connected with two bolts and two pins.  Being pinned, it could not be pried off at an angle and there was no room to drop it straight down.  I'm embarrassed to say I ended up breaking the pins to get it off.   When I reinstalled this I made the pins extra long and knurled so I could easily pull them out.  Click on the small insert picture between the two big pictures to get a close up of those pins.

Ready for the table to be slid off of the knee.  Hooked it up to the cheapy little Harbor Freight hoist, took the weight off and slid it right off.

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