The knee is ready to be lifted off.  Don't forget to remove the set screw holding the vertical feed screw support cup/nut.  This small crank hoist from Harbor Freight lifted it off with no problem.

After removing the knee and getting it on your bench, I really recommend creating this access hole.  I made mine big enough to look in, but it would actually only need to be big enough for a long punch to fit into it.  The purpose of the hole will be clear in the following steps.

Lets do the vertical feed screw first.   All you have to do is remove the nut and the keyed beveled gear will be free to come off.  Mine was on there pretty tight so I used a slide hammer with pulley claws on the support cup/nut (middle bottom pic) and yanked the shaft out.  The last pic shows the thrust bearing the knee actually sets on.

Finally we will remove the vertical feed shaft.  The beveled gear on this shaft is held on with a tapered pin.  (Little pic, corner of the 1st pic)  It would be really tough to remove this pin in the cramped insides of the knee.  Creating this access hole made it dead simple. I just took a long punch and poked the pin out. And you can use the hole later for observation and using an air hose to blow crud out of the gears.  Anyways, after removing the gear, all you have to do is remove the screws in the vertical feed shaft bearing and pull the whole thing out.

After loosening all the gib adjusting and locking screws, the gib can be lifted out.  The zerk (oil fitting) on mine prevented it from falling out the bottom.  Not sure if yours will be the same.