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It appears that “Bad Guys” will soon be riding Amtrak trains to prison.

The Department of Justice has chosen Amtrak to provide transportation for convicted felons, who due to medical reasons can not be transported by plane, on their way to or from any US Penitentiary.

The prisoners will travel in a “Deluxe Room”, accompanied by one US Marshal if the prisoner has been convicted of a non violent crime, and two or more Marshals if doing time for a violent crime.

The prisoners will board first, and be removed after the last passenger has left the train.

Meals will be served in the room, and for all intents and purposes other passengers will never know the prisoner is on the train.

The only exception will be in the event that a prisoner overpowers has guard, takes his weapon, and starts shooting people as he escapes.  The Department of Justice spokesperson stated this scenario is highly unlikely in that Marshals are very well trained, and on a yearly average, loose very few people in their custody.

The spokesperson further stated that in an effort to boost Amtrak revenues, the prisoner, and all Marshals will pay full fare.

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