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Believe It or Not, There Are Things More Screwed Up Than Amtrak
This past week an undercover Federal Immigration Agent was riding in the coach of train #2 into Del Rio, TX.

The agent had identified what he believed to be undocumented aliens also riding in the coach.

Just prior to arrival in Del Rio, the agent radioed his backup team waiting at the Del Rio Amtrak Station and advised them he would require assistance taking the suspects into custody.

When the train stopped at the station 8 additional agents poured into the coach, and, at the undercover agents direction took six people off the train.  The train was released, and continued on its journey.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that 5 of the 6 “undocumented” individuals were undercover federal agents of the DEA, working an active drug case with known suspects on the train, and the 6th individual was a General in the Mexican Army, traveling to Washington on official business.

An excellent example of your tax dollars at work on the War on Drugs!

And I thought Amtrak was screwed up!

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