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President Trump says, "Make Me That Offer!"
 It has been reported by the New York Times that an unnamed source  close to President Trump, who was party to a casual conversation last night between the President and the Japanese Ambassador, at an Inaugural Ball in Washington, that President Trump learned for the first time that an offer had been made to former President Obama by representatives of the Japanese Government and a consortium of Japanese rail manufactures, to build a bullet train from New York to Los Angeles, at no cost to US taxpayers.  

The Japanese would build the railroad, and provide the initial rolling stock, with the provision that any and all future purchases of “bullet train equipment” would be exclusively purchased from the Japanese manufacturer for a period of ten years from the commencement of passenger operations on the coast to coast bullet train.

President Obama turned down the offer.  No explanation was given.

After learning of the “offer” that had been made by the Japanese, President Trump was overheard to of said, “Let them make me that offer and see what happens”!

I have a feeling that Amtrak may be operating coast to coast bullet trains much sooner than anyone had anticipated, or expected would ever happen.

Amtrak operating at peek efficiency, and at a profit?  I’m afraid the shock would kill us all, but it would damn sure be nice to see!

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