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No Santa Claus?
A Salvation Army Santa was presiding over his donation kettle at Union Station when a street thug knocked him to the floor and stole the kettle.  Before the thug could reach the sidewalk in front of the Station, Santa had regained his feet, caught up with the thug as he reached the door, planted a right hook on the thug's chin rendering him instantly unconscious on the floor.  Turns out that "Santa" was a Vet.  A Marine who had served 3 tours in Iraq before and IED took both of his legs below the knees.  On prosthetic metal legs he caught up with the thug and then reminded him that stealing and knocking people down was not very nice.  The thug was taken to jail, and the crowed that had gathered made sizable contributions to the kettle when they realized what had happened.

And you don't believe in Santa Claus?

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