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774 Held Hostage for 8 hours at Chatsworth
Heard last Friday a nut with a gun was barricaded in a toilet on 774 (I think that was the train number) 
and the cops took 8 hours to get him out ,,,, WTF!!!
 All those cops, all that time, thousands of commuters screwed, 
 Sometimes I wonder if the cops hold trains for a long time so they can rake in the O.T.
 Granted sometimes a crew needs relief if its a trespasser fatal ,,,,, 
 But when it a baracaded nut,, FIRE A FEW ROUNDS THRU THE DOOR!!!! OR GAS THE COACH!!!!
An excellent example as to why Conductors should always be armed.  A couple of rounds through the door from the Conductor's .45, and the incident would have been over in no time.

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