Poll: Should Amtrak Stop Carrying Unaccompanied Passengers
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Unaccompanied Children on Jet Blue
I can only hope for my working Colleagues that they will never have to carry unaccompanied children any more. It's harder on the families but with the problems caused by the kids, minimal, the parents, irresponsible at times but the company waffling on this issue and blaming the Conductors when things go wrong makes it impossible for us. Examples are: When parents buy full fare tickets and then get on with the kids and then get off again real fast and Conductor put 8 and 6 year old in custody of next station Agent, Conductor was told should have carried them anyway; Delaying trains while explaining policy with parents who don't have paperwork, management said should have carried them anyway; Child says parents called him and said to get off at a station before his destination or after it and Conductor took child passenger off at proper station, management said should have let the child go where he wanted just prove the right parent picks him up, did so next time this happened and train was . All of these and many other situations that are similar and worse and the company is afraid to back the Conductor who is slam with more important things than babysitting is why the children are at risk traveling unaccompanied. I'll bet it turns out the kids on Jet Blue switched their ID's just to see what would happen. Parents need to be in charge of their kids when traveling and the parent who moves away from the child needs to buy a Prius. At one point in my career I had to show two Asst. Superintendents and a Road Foremen a copy of the "Release" parents sign to prove the Conductor was responsible if the paperwork wasn't signed and "Release" was not fulfilled. FYI...CYA!!!

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