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Amtrak Makes You Wish You Were Dead
Although working at Amtrak will make you wish you were dead, a new research paper published in the American Journal of Medicine  stated that, " The third leading cause of death in the US, after heart disease and cancer, is MEDICAL ERRORS.  Last year, 251,454 deaths were attributed to medical errors, slightly higher than the previous ten years, averaging two hundred fifty thousand per year.

If that number doesn't scare the crap out of you, perhaps this will.

Some of the more routine procedures preformed, where death resulted were, colonoscopy, dental implant, tattoo removal, eye exam (wrong drug administered into the eye) hair transplant surgery, tonsillectomy, and,  routine yearly employee physicals.

Over a quarter of a million people were killed by their doctors last year!

Evidently, the medical profession doesn't believe the number will go down much because the American Medical Association has petitioned the Attorney Generals of every State to change the laws to protect doctors  from Medical Malpractice by including "Medical Error" (unintended) as a legal cause of death.

Now I know why Amtrak is so diligent about being sure you get your physical in a timely manor.  It's wishful thinking on their part!
On a related note 
My brother is convinced that our government leadership (and this is both parties) whats all old and sick people to die so they dont have to pay for them and non-citizens and their children to continue to get cheap or free healthcare paid for by you and me. (for votes) 
So the medical mistakes continue, unless your the privileged class and their family members then extra care is given so mistakes will not be made (again paid for by your and me)   
 My 60 year old neighbor who is self employed pays $1500 a month for Blue Cross insurance with a 30% Co-pay 
He was in the hospital in January for bleeding issues and the cost was $30,000.00 for two day stay 
So far he paid $7000 and the bills keep coming and his bleeding issues continue (I think its what he eats and drinks is the main issue) He also developed an infection that took two weeks to cure 
 He told me the hospital stay was terrible, it was noisy, dirty and painful, and hopes to never go back

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