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Conductor Killed in Fall From Train
A conductor of the Royal Gorge Route Railroad fell from the train Saturday evening and was killed.
The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office said train conductor Leslie Cacy, 28, of Cañon City, was fatally injured when she fell from the train around 5 p.m. on Saturday. There were 100 to 150 passengers on the popular tourist train, which follows the Arkansas River through the deep canyon outside Cañon City.
The accident was under investigation late Saturday and the National Transportation Safety Board was notified.

A spokesperson for the Railroad stated that the Conductor had fallen from the train on three previous occasions, but suffered only minor injuries.  They would not speculate as to why she was so prone to fall from a moving train, but stated the Railroad would do whatever necessary to insure the safety of the passengers and crew.

I'm pretty sure the three strikes and your out policy is still in effect at Amtrak.  If you fall off a train more than three times, they make you a supervisor.
Maybe she should have stopped drinking.

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