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Trump says NO Funding for AMTRAK
In an interview this morning with ABC News reporter John Dagget,  Donald Trump said if elected he would not support any further funding for AMTRAK.

He stated that in his opinion AMTRAK was one of the worst operated companies in the country, full of gross incompetence with regard to its executives and management, and a bottomless pit regarding the required subsidies to keep it operating, funding that could be best utilized elsewhere.

He further stated that in every other Country of the world, who's governments subsidize their passenger railroads, including some third world countries, those railroads are light years ahead of AMTRAK in every category.

If AMTRAK can't generate enough revenue to operate, then it should cease operation, he said emphatically!

Had AMTRAK been privatized years ago, like it should have been, we would now have have bullet trains running from coast to coast and a rail passenger service second to none Trump stated.

AMTRAK is a joke, and the millions and millions of tax payer dollars wasted on this ill conceived and deteriorated excuse for rail passenger service is not making anyone laugh, he concluded.

Personally,  I think Donald Trump is a blowhard and an asshole however, my having thirty years service with AMTRAK to look back upon, he does make some interesting and accurate points about this looney tunes company that I work for.

Politicians are scum bags!  Does not make any difference which party they are affiliated with, they all suck!

I think it is a sad state of affairs when the next President, of the greatest country on earth, is either going to be a blowhard I wouldn't trust any further than I could throw a locomotive, or a scum bag who sat on her ass an let our Ambassador and three other US citizens get murdered in our embassy.

I don't know!  Maybe we get what we deserve, but I would sure like to believe we deserve better than this!
Are Hillary, Bernie and Donald the best our country can muster???,
Its enough to make me want to sit out November!
So many things the government runs are a mess!
20 trillion in debt is the big elephant in the cab.
As a taxpayer I get fed up when my money is flushed
As a blue collar worker I hope my job, pension and benefits are safe
5 more years and I hope I can pull the pin and get out of screwed up Califonia
Mean time just live as cheaply as we can, maybe downsize early.
(hope not to become a Wal-Mart Shopper!)

Good luck to us all!

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