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Unions call for resignation of Amtrak Executives

.pdf   04132016_154402_Boardman_Letter.pdf (Size: 443.7 KB / Downloads: 5)

In a letter dated April 13, Jed Dodd, General Chairman of the BMWED, and three other General Chairman of rail unions representing Mechanical Workers, called for the resignation of the executive morons that run Amtrak, based in part on the deaths of the two Amtrak mechanical workers struck by an Amtrak train near Philadelphia, and, the grossly unsafe conditions that permeate Amtrak operations nationwide.

I have attached a copy of the letter, which speaks for itself.

I only wish the General Chairman representing engineers had the balls to express the feelings of his members, with regard to the unsafe conditions we are required to work, upon engines that are so unsafe they should have been scraped years ago, in the manor Mr. Dodd did in his letter to Joe Boardman.

Since copies of the letter were sent to members of Congress, and with the exposure this situation is getting in the press, perhaps the two Amtrak employees killed in an accident, that was absolutely preventable, will not have died in vain.

My condolences to the families and friends of our Amtrak Brothers.

Brothers & Sisters, try to keep safe out there.  It ain't gona get any better anytime soon!
Once again Amtrak is the blind leading the blind.  I am so happy that I retired in 2010 so now I do not have to put up with the inexperienced mangers. Angry

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