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FRA Recommends Prosecution
On Monday a "leak" in the AMTRAK legal department advised a Union Official representing mechanical department employees, that the FRA is going to recommended to the US Attorney, based on their year long investigation, that action be brought against AMTRAK Mechanical Department Managers, Supervisors, and select Mechanical employees for falsifying documents indicating that AMTRAK diesel engines were in a compliant and safe operating condition to be utilized in passenger service.

Unsafe mechanical conditions and or deficiencies noted by engineers on Map forms were routinely ignored or in numerous cases falsely reported as having been repaired.

It was noted that FRA Inspectors making routine inspections of Amtrak engines have red tagged and removed from service a number of engines in such poor condition that Inspectors have used words like scary and despicable to describe the mechanical condition of the engines.

This will be the first time in the history of Amtrak that the Feds will go after individual employees and managers for making false statements and/or signing off on equipment they knew were not compliant with FRA requirements.

I'm guessing that after the first guy goes to jail for doing what they have routinely been doing for years, theres going to be a whole lot less engines in service.

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