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How Many Heads Will Roll?
The engineer of an Amtrak train, which will not be identified here to protect the names of the innocent, was removed from service for allegedly entering the limits of a Form-B without authority.  There were considerable mitigating factors associated with this incident, and it could be reasonably argued that no violation if fact took place however, the engineer was taken out of service pending an investigation.

It should be noted at the time the alleged violation took place, onboard the cab of the engine was the engineer (an old head), a road foreman of engines, a train master, and a FRA Inspector.

Based upon the time  the alleged incident took place the engineer did not believe the Form-B was in effect.  There was no yellow/red board displayed, nor was there a red board where the limits of the order would be in effect.  

Because of confusion on the parts of the other occupants of the locomotive the engineer stopped the train.  It stopped a few feet past the point where a red board would have been place, had one been displayed.

It should be noted that the work gang was about two miles from where the train had stopped and had not begun work, waiting for the Amtrak train to pass before they started.

The engineer contacted the Foreman in Charged and received clearance through his limits.

When the train arrived at its terminal, the engineer was taken out of service.

At this point it is not known who was right, and who was wrong, or if in fact a violation actually occurred, however, does anyone really believe that with all those "Managers" on board, the engineer is the only one who should be held responsible?

A hundred bucks says the engineer will be the only one disciplined if in fact he was wrong.

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