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Two time violator given ultimatum.
An engineer, who was previously given a written warning when he was observed by the onboard camera on his locomotive dropping his pants and underwear and scratching his ass, with great vigor, as described by the Road Foreman who downloaded the video, has been cited again for the same reason.

The Road Foreman stated in his report that the engineer dropped his pants and drawers, hiked both his legs up onto the control console and began scratching his ass crack with what appeared to be rolled up train orders, while the train was going 79 miles per hour.  The scratching continued for 8 to 10 minutes.

The Road Forman advised the engineer that before he would be permitted to mark back up for duty he was required to submit a 
"back to work release" from his Doctor.

Amtrak would interpret the return to duty slip as indicating there was nothing "wrong" with his ass, and, that any further "disrobing" on the engine would not be tolerated, and he could be subject to termination should the situation occur again.

I'm betting that the Road Foreman in question never thought he would have to be concerned with engineer's asses in connection with his responsibilities as a Manager.

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