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Union Pacific tell Congress "You can kiss our ass"!
On Monday, the Union Pacific Railroad told the Senate Commerce Committee, you kiss our ass, or else you’ll wished you had.

The UP’s threat stemmed from the fact that Congress mandated back in 2008 that PTC (positive train control) be implemented no later than Dec. 31, of this year.

As is their usual response, the UP disagreed with Congress stating that it would cost to much, and was a poor choice in addressing the problem.

Since its inception in 1862 the Union Pacific Railroad has operated under the premise that they did the Country a favor by building the transcontinental railroad so they should be given anything they want, anytime they want it, and be free of any regulations or controls.

The UP maintains an army of lawyers all over the Country, with a specific group whose sole function is to battle the Federal Government on anything and everything, from where crossing gates are required to tariffs and rates, and train safety issues.

The UP’s first reaction to the 2008 law requiring PTC was, “It’s not needed, and were not going to do it”. We know more about running a railroad then anyone in Congress, so don’t bother us with your bullshit laws.

It’s not like they didn’t have enough time to implement the program, or enough money to cover the costs involved.

They had seven years to install the equipment, more than enough time, and with a surplus of cash, resulting from the highest quarterly profits in their history for the past several years, they had the money.

They just didn't want to comply, because that was money the greedy board of directors and stockholders wouldn’t get in their dividend checks. Screw the fact that the law was intended to save lives!

So the UP told Congress that if they were not given an indefinite extension of time to complete the PTC installation, that amoung other things, they would no longer allow AMTRAK to run over their tracks.

The UP’s consistent and usual refusal to adhere to Federal Guidelines, FRA mandates, and laws has required the US Attorney’s Office over decades to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to get the UP to comply.

There is no excuse. The US Congress should put their foot in UP’s ass and start putting UP’s Board of Directors, and Executive Officers in jail for contempt of Congress.

The Board and Executives are lucky that you can’t be placed in jail just for being an asshole or they would all be doing life without parole.

The corporate greed in this Country is having a severely adverse effect on those of us who have to work for a living.

In this particular instance the UP has decided that something that was intended to save lives was not necessary or required, and lobbied against its implementation.
When they didn’t get their way in Court, yes they brought suit against the Federal Government regarding PTC and lost at three separate Federal Court levels, like little children they responded by saying OK, Amtrak can’t play on our tracks any more.

The UP doesn't “allow” Amtrak to operate over their tracks.

The Congress of the United States established Amtrak and advised all railroads concerned that Amtrak would run over their rails by order of Congress.

If the UP decides to adversely affect the lives of the millions of taxpayers who ride Amtrak, and, the thousands of Amtrak employees, who are governed by Federal laws, and are pulled out of service at the drop of a hat for the slightest violation, shouldn’t the UP be held accountable as its employees?

If the UP does not want to abide by the Federal law, then Congress should make an example of them and stick it so far up their collective asses that they beg for mercy, before this Corporate refusal bullshit gets out of hand and, that it becomes obvious that the laws that apply to us as employees don’t apply to the Union Pacific.
BNSF meanwhile is advising they will shut down portions of their network. See:

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