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Engineer Claims Reward
A UP engineer, making a light engine consist move in Vinton, Louisiana struck a stolen car, that attempted to go around the crossing gates, that was being driven by a wanted fugitive, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Orillious Simpson Washington, who had been convicted on three counts of murder and thirteen counts of bank robbery, had escaped from a Federal Prison in March. He had a $100,000. reward posted for his capture.

Washington, who only minutes prior to the accident, had shot and killed a known drug dealer in an apartment in Vinton, and stolen cocaine valued by D.E.A. officials at over one million dollars.

The D.E.A. agent in charge of the case advised the engineer that technically he was entitled to the reward, and should file a claim.

The engineer, whose name was not released to the press, stated that he had no intention of advising the UP of the reward because even though there were only slight scratches and paint transfer from the stolen vehicle on the front of the locomotive, if the UP new about the reward they would probably claim $100,000. in damages to the locomotive.

Killer fugitive dead, engineer gets $100,000. A good day on the UP!

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