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FRA Warns Amtrak
On the 23rd of June an FRA Inspector in Fort Worth, Texas inspected the engine being utilized on Train 22, to Chicago.

He didn't like what he saw, the engine had several major defects which had been noted in a previous inspection, which affected the safe operation of the engine, and/or train, and had not been corrected, even though Map 100 forms indicated the defects had been reported several times by numerous engineers over the past 60 days.

He also noted that the engine in question was on a list of engines which were not to be used as a single or lead unit, trail only, due to its mechanical condition, said list having been agreed upon by Amtrak and the FRA.

After being personally assured by Management that the engine would be taken out of service for repairs upon its arrival in Chicago he allowed it to continue, not to exceed 55MPH for the duration of the trip.

On June 26 the engine in question having been turned at Chicago and placed on Train 21 with only the basic of service, ( fuel & windshield cleaned) the same Inspector observed the engine enroute and at a regular station stop, he boarded the engine to check to see if it had been repaired.

Upon observing the blue card and noting the engine had not been taken out of service for repairs, as had been promised, and that the Map 100 indicated all of the same defects that had been reported for the past several trips, he was less than pleased!

He intended to red tag the engine and take it out of service right where it stood but was instructed by his superiors to allow it to continue to Chicago where Inspectors would red tag it upon its arrival.

It would seem a reasonable assumption that, if you were governed by a Federal Authority you wouldn't want to go out of your way to intentionally piss them off.

Evidently, Amtrak does not believe the FRA has big enough balls to take whatever action necessary to insure that Amtrak operates with safe equipment.

I don't know about the rest of the Country but I do know that if that same FRA Inspector sees that same engine, in the same condition, in his territory, he's going to stop it, and it will not proceed any further, or at least that's what his Memo to Amtrak stated.

He further stated that the FRA would be taking a good look at Mechanical Dept. records and, the Mechanical Dept. Supervisors and Managers who sign off on Federal Documents indicating these engines are in good order and safe to operate, and, who also continue to utilize engines that have been placed on the do not use as lead units list.

It's about time those assholes in the Mechanical Department, who have no regard whatsoever for the safety of employees and passengers, get whats coming to them.

It's not like that haven't been warned!

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