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In a written statement given to the press Amtrak President Joe Boardman stated, "Inward facing cameras will improve safety on Amtrak trains".

Joe, what the hell has happened to you?

I have known you for over twenty five years. During your stint as Director of the Federal Railroad Administration you championed safety, and were single handedly responsible for most of the action taken to increase safety on all US railroads.

Now, after a few years at Amtrak, you make a ridiculous horse shit statement about how cameras are going to improve safety. Bullshit!!

I was flabbergasted to hear those words come out of your mouth.

I can only conclude that no matter how well intentioned and well meaning an individual may be, when he comes to Amtrak, this inherently evil organization corrupts, and destroys even the best.

Past Presidents of this company only paid lip service to safety, but they were incompetent assholes who didn't give a shit about employees or customers. That's not you, or, it didn't use to be.

Again, I refer to my theory regarding AMTRAK corrupts.

For 150 years passenger trains had 2 qualified persons in the cab. Engineers and/or Engineer & Fireman.

Amtrak made the arbitrary decision to remove one engineer in a feeble attempt to cut operating costs, without regard to the safety ramifications.

FRA records indicate that the overwhelming number of passenger train crashes, wherein there were serious injuries and/or fatalities, occurred
on trains with one engineer.

You want to improve safety, can the bullshit Safe to Safer Program, that has cost Amtrak eighty million dollars, and has had no appreciable impact whatsoever, as noted by the FRA, and put 2 engineer back on every train!

There is no guarantee that a train with 2 engineers won't be involved in an accident however, any moron can figure the odds will be greatly reduced due to operator error if there are 2 qualified engineers on the head end.

Screw the budget!

If you can't convince Congress that not only is it unrealistic not to have 2 engineers, strictly from a safety standpoint, in the same manor that no commercial airliner can operate with one pilot, then you don't deserve to be President, and you would be doing a great disservice and injustice to Amtrak's customers and employees by not demanding a sufficient budget to accomplish same.

That would improve safety!

No camera ever devised could equal or replace the expertise of two highly trained and qualified engineers.

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